All I can think about is running, all I want to do is run, all I want is to not be injured. All I want is that amazing feeling where you just feel like a gazelle prancing on your favorite trails. I’ll even take that awful feeling when everything hurts (in the way it supposed to), and when you can’t breathe, when your lungs burn, your arms feel weak, and your legs go numb. Heck, I’ll take it all over all this not running. 


tothemarathonandback asked:

Hi! Congratulations on running your marathon so fast! You are so inspiring and amazing :) Can you tell me about your running story? Have a great day! And don't forget to treat yourself :)

daniellethesheep answered:

Thanks! So I started running about 3 years ago to lose weight. I had about 25 lbs to lose, but I lost about 40. I was underweight, anemic, cold all the time, and just not happy. My running performance went way down. I couldn’t keep my normal pace and it became hard for me to run just a mile or two, even though I was normally running 5+ miles. I gained some weight back (my weight is still up and down and i have very bad body image and will probably never look like a runner in my opinion but whatever) started to improve, but I wasn’t improving fast enough (or so I thought) so I just kept adding more miles. I ran 12 miles during a blizzard and my parents were super mad. I came inside and pulled off my tights and sprained my ankle (this is where my real issues begin). It was a severe sprain I was on crutches for about 2 months and in a boot and could run and had a hard time dealing with it. As soon as I got out of the boot I “needed” to be able to get back to 50 miles a week instantly. It didn’t work. I got Achilles tendonitis on the other leg after about 3 weeks of running. Once I knew it was tendonitis I told myself I was being a baby and ran through it. During an 18 mile long run (with absolutely no purpose or training goal other than a HALF mararthon which I wouldn’t run) I realized I was in a lot of pain. I didn’t want to call my parents cuz I was far from home and they had absolutely no idea how far/where I was. So I stuck it out for 18 miles, then took my dog for a 2 mile walk because I ran so slow. The next day I couldn’t walk. I had to drop out of the half I was registered for. Sad/angry for many weeks. I did PT and saw a chiropractor for both injuries but I really didn’t care about how I felt I just wanted to run. So this was in the spring and I basically just did baby miles all summer long and then I got to boston and was feeling very inspired to instantly BQ (which did not happen). I felt a crushing pain developing in my shin but thought that I had to fight through it. Ran 17 and felt really bad. Then ran 9 two days later and felt the worst pain I have ever felt in my whole life. This was like 1 month into college so I really didn’t know what to do. I called health services and they told me I was sore from running 9 miles and that was very far and to put ice on it and it would fine. I couldn’t even walk and had to walk like 3-5 miles (round trip to and from all my classes). After about a week of dying, I finally got an appointment and the doctor was like “OMG your whole calf is swollen!!” And I was like yeah and I had an MRI and I tore some important ligament and had a stress reaction. I didn’t run for 9 days. The first time I ran after not running I was so fucking happy and I never wanted to not run for that long again so I decided to be extremely careful. It worked. I built up very slowly to 30 miles a week and hung out there for many months, then 40 miles a week. I kept my long run at 15 miles for about 12 weeks. Then with boston marathon approaching, my anatomy teacher told the class that running a marathon wasnt something you could wake up and just do. So mid april, i woke up one saturday and ran for 4 hours. i wad ok. i was great. Then over the summer, I had access to nice soft fluffy trails that have less shock than roads and sidewalks. So I could run more with less recovery time. I got up to 60 miles a week. My long run was 20 miles. I ran a half marathon and finished. I signed up for a marathon, doubtful that i would start. Then I got back to college and ran two more halfs. Then I ran a marathon and I finished. I ran a marathon and I BQed.


Danielle is a priceless gem and you should all treasure her.



Off to Toronto overnight for a work workshop. Really a pointless trip that could have been done by teleconference. It’s 2 days of “death by PowerPoint” that would have been one day by teleconference. We left yesterday at 8, conference started at 11, and we were done by 4.
Very dry topics to…

It’s all good. It was a short trip so no time to explore, really. Not going to walk around i uniform after what happened outside Montreal yesterday. So hotel gym worked out. I could have gone back to the armouries and used their gym but that would have taken too much time and I was starting to get hungry. Thanks for the response!



excuse the sausagey finger :P That point is where I thought the summit of Colonial Knob was. Turns out it is actually 2.5km further along on a gravel track which leads you to where I took this photo from.

This is me at the actual summit. Was about 1.5 hours uphill and half hour down…